Our Story

Family History

Armand Govin was born in 1911 in Tampa, Florida. He was the son of two Cuban immigrants, Sabino, a cigar maker by trade, and Ana Govin who moved to America from Cuba in the early 1900’s to take part and flourish in the booming cigar industry.

In 1933, Armand and Virginia Govin established a modest rubber stamp company that they ran out of their home in Tampa, Florida.


Four generations later, the Govin family manufactures and distributes quality products worldwide. From corporate print programs, to office supplies, to even architectural signage, the Govin family offers complete solutions with years of industry experience.

In 1940, Armand and Virginia’s son Ronald (Ron) was born. From an early age he worked for the family business after school and in the summer time. Ron had less traditional ideas. He began adding more office supplies to the line and looked for opportunities to expand the Tampa market and beyond.


In 1986 Govin’s was the largest office supply dealer in the Tampa area, and the new mission wasn’t to simply sell stamps; it was to listen to their customer’s needs and to create innovative services, including the ability to purchase everything from one vendor. These services truly reinvented the industry and set the stage for unimaginable possibilities.

Today the Govin family business has grown into multiple businesses, yet is still carried on by Govins, Ron’s two sons Mark and Kevin. They took their father’s drive to offer limitless products and services and turned it into a reality.

In 2008, the Govin brothers developed DiverseID and began manufacturing and distributing a limitless and diverse range of quality products.

DiverseID consists of three divisions: print, office supplies and signage. Each of these divisions supply high quality products around the globe.

Looking back on Armand and Virginia’s aspirations to create a long-lasting family business, it is clear that their dreams have become a reality. Robert, Britt, Katie, and Caleb have continued the tradition their great-grandfather started by working for the family businesses after school and in the summer time. These are the fourth generation of Govin’s involved in the little rubber stamp business that was founded over 75 years ago.

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